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Ansonia Partners Hosts the Annual Roundtable

NEW YORK, NY, December 4, 2019 –

On December 4th, 2019, Ansonia Partners brought together utility executives, the investment community, developers, regulators, and technology innovators for its annual Roundtable event.

For over a decade, the Roundtable has been a gathering place for senior energy professionals to network and further their understanding of the new opportunities and challenges that exist in an ever-changing industry. This year the event was the largest gathering in Roundtable history with over 40 companies represented from across the globe, sponsored by Avrion, Day Pitney, Con Edison Transmission and Leeward.

The Roundtable theme was “The Balance of Power” with a focus on federal v. regional regulation, the balance of solar and wind power, big data and reliability and innovation. We continued our history of providing participants with new insights from leading industry experts. The Roundtable Speakers included: 

  • Philip Moeller, EVP, Business Operations Group and Regulatory Affairs, Edison Electric Institute

  • Ryan Brown, EVP, EDP Renováveis North America

  • Bill Bush, CFO, Stem Inc.

  • Lisa Barton, EVP, Utilities, American Electric Power

Following on last year's new design, the Roundtable had a unique and exciting format. After a reception, Ansonia Partners screened a video presentation that compiled a discussion by each Speaker around a particular topic, followed by a lively Q+A session. Philip Moeller’s topic was “Federal v Regional Regulation: What is the Proper Balance” and [he shared his views on the evolving regulatory environment that utilities must operate under]. Ryan Brown described [the enormous challenge utilities face supplying consumers with clean energy through his topic], “Wind and Solar Power: Balancing Promise and Challenge”. Bill Bush discussed [changing C&I customer preferences and how these changes will affect the future of the grid] with “Big Data Tips the Balance: Managing Energy as a Service”. Finally, Lisa Barton described how [ ]" Ensuring a Balance: The Utilities Role in Reliability and Efficiently Encouraging Innovation”.

Scott Medla, Craig Orchant, Susan Elkind and Dave Doot were lively hosts and facilitators.

We thank all of our Speakers and Sponsors for making the 2019 Roundtable such a success!

Please join Ansonia Partners on December [5], 2020 for the next Roundtable, where we will continue to connect, learn, and transform the Power Industry with our fellow professionals from across the globe.

About Us

Ansonia Partners LLC is an investment banking partnership with clients in the natural resources, energy, power and utility, and infrastructure sectors. Ansonia Partners provides advisory and capital market solutions across an array of financial instruments and structures to create long term value for our clients.

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